Innovative antibody for

personalized medicine


The project TABO8 fully complies with general strategy of Russian Federation pharmaceutical industry development 

The goal of the project is the entering of the world markets with an innovative, fist-in-class therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb). Development of mAbs requires application of the full range of modern biotechnology, molecular and cell biology and genetic engineering. TheraMAB LLC is one the first Russian biotech companies developing “first-in-class”, proprietary product in the segment of mAb against autoimmune and oncological diseases.

Subject of the project fully complies with the federal target program implemented by Russian Scientific Agency Rosnauka  "Research and development on the priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia within 2007-2012”, as well as a number of technologies that Federal Government stated to be critical technologies, 25.08.2008 N 1243-p:

- Biomedical and veterinary technologies of life supporting and protection of human and animals;
- Genomic and post-genomic technologies for drug development;
- Cell technologies;
- Bioengineering technology;

Successful completion of the project will help to solve the problem of import substitution in the field of autoimmune and oncological diseases.

All legal rights for the product development belong to the Russian company; it is also planned to generate new intellectual property in Russia and other countries. Implementation of the modern technologies and innovative products in Russia will be a stimulating factor for the modernization of industry and generation of national drug portfolio.

Thus, the project will facilitate the successful implementation of a number of "breakthrough" areas of technological development, will ensure consolidation of the state resources and private businesses in the priority areas for the development of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation.